Welcome to FPL Enthusiast, a site dedicated to all things Fantasy Football related. I am JustOutsidePlayoffs, a redditor who frequents in FPL discussions.

I’ve toyed with the idea of creating an FPL site all season and have finally bitten the bullet. It’d probably be easier to make a podcast but I hate the sound of my own voice and personally FPL blogs make for good toilet reading!

What are your credentials? Why should we take your advice?” I hear you ask.
Well, this is my 6th season playing FPL, although I’ve only taken the last 2 full seasons seriously. In 2014/15 I finished in the top 140k with a score of 2035 and in 2015/16 I finished in the top 2500 with a score of 2302. I also took part in the official Euro 2016 Fantasy Football game and finished in the top 1000.